Meal plans that really work

Take control of your meals, and your life. Imagine if you had your own personal dietician and personal trainer. With this customized meal plan and health system, now available to Renu Medispa clients, you can create healthy meal plans with the right balances of nutrients in 29 different categories depending on your lifestyle. Simply enter:

  • your metabolic rate
  • your physical activity level
  • your lifestyle category

We will create a customized weekly menu for you that can help you to maintain or lose weight in a safe way.

Customize for food preferences and allergies

Our plan allows you to customize meal programs based on food allergies, favorite foods, etc. The recipe section helps you to plan meals for the whole family. The program even prints out a grocery list for the whole week! You can monitor your fitness and weight loss goals. The program is ideal for personal trainers who can monitor their clients and print out weekly reports to ensure clients are meeting their personal fitness goals.

When used in conjunction with our other weight management tools, this can be a powerful instrument for healthy, simple change. Talk to a Renu professional today about creating a weight management program that works for you.