Stimulate your skin by emulsifying and removing debris from your pores, resulting in the deepest cleanse possible. Ultrasonic vibrations eliminate the bacteria providing you with clean, healthy skin.

Gentle vibrations are sent through your skin (up to 28,000 vibration cycles per second). These vibrations cause the exfoliation and revitalization of your skin.

This procedure uses ultrasonic vibrations to:

  • clean and smooth skin
  • deep pore cleansing
  • remove stubborn blackheads
  • eliminate excess oil
  • diminish wrinkles
  • revitalize skin

Suitable for Most Skin Types

The Ultrasonic Max 5 uses gentle vibrations so even the most sensitive skin can tolerate this treatment. Patients with rosacea, acne or even sun-damaged skin are able to enjoy this treatment.

To maximize results, this procedure is often performed in conjuction with microdermabrasion. Call your Renu Medispa skincare professional to schedule a consultation today.