Shape and contour your body

Are you at your ideal weight but still suffer from unsightly and unshapely cellulite deposits? Renu Medispa has a solution for you. Our Tri-Active LaserDermology procedures combine three application methods:

  • LED therapy
  • Cryotherapy
  • lymph drainage

Laserdermology helps clients to achieve the highest standard of results. The technology has been widely used around the world to help patients achieve their desired look.

Proven to treat cellulite deposits

One study found that the Tri-Active system improved cellulite appearance in 83% of patients, compared to just 17% for massage alone. Treat your stubborn cellulite with a dose of Laserdermology and enjoy a younger, more shapely you.

Contact a Renu skincare professional today to discuss how Tri-Active Laserdermology can help you to achieve your goals.