Tawni Tawni Weaver
Founder and Owner of Renu Medispa

As the founder and owner of Renu Medispa, Tawni Weaver has celebrated ten triumphant years as the first Medical Spa to open in Eagle, Idaho. During this decade, Tawni has made many remarkable achievements at Renu, including being the only National Council on Laser Excellence certified facility in Idaho. With a steadily growing clientele of more than 10,000 patients served, including 10% of her clients traveling from out of state, Tawni works tirelessly to ensure that each patient is properly educated and deeply satisfied with the treatments performed at Renu Medispa. Her sterling dedication, along with her loyal patient following, is a testament to the respect that the community holds for Tawni and her team. It also speaks to the ironclad staying power Renu Medispa has had in an ever-changing and often fleeting industry.

What makes Renu Medispa so exceptional is the philosophy Tawni upholds and adheres to without exception: to be THE BEST. Period. Tawni understands that to be the best, it must begin with her. As such, she has immersed herself in the finest training available in this field.

Tawni holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Brigham Young University, as well as advanced training in drug physiology, chemistry and physics. While working in New York, Tawni uncovered her passion for Medical Aesthetics and decided to learn as much as she could about the field. Tawni began exhaustive training in New York, San Francisco and Paris to fully understand injectable fillers and medical aesthetics. Tawni trained under the doctors who first began using Botox Cosmetics, Drs. Jean and Alistar Carruthers. She then spent time with the international facilitator for Allegan and Medicis, Mauricio de Maio. She has also trained with Michael Cane, author of The Botox Book,The Dermatology Research Institute’s Fredrick Brandt, the co-developer of RetinA, Dr. James Fulton Jr. as well Dr. Peter Pugliese, author of Physiology of the Skin, and Advanced Professional Skin Care, Medical Edition.

In 2004, Tawni put her knowledge to the test by opening Renu Medispa. Tawni pioneered introducing the first equipment such as Visia Skin Analysis, Venus Freeze, Diamondtome Microdermabrasion, Silkpeel Dermal Infusion, Starlux Photo Rejuvenation (IPL), Photodynamic Therapy and Rejuvepen C.I.T to this area. Her unique background of science and business, coupled with her extensive training, has elevated her to an expert level in the field of Medical Aesthetics and although she is not a physician, she shares the esteemed respect of medical professionals in this field with whom she collaborates and shares information respectively.

The same principles of hard work and unparalleled integrity that Tawni applied to her training are the same principles carried over to the staff at Renu Medispa. With painstaking detail, Tawni has meticulously trained each team member with the “in the trenches” knowledge she acquired in order to position Renu Medispa to be the premier Medispa facility in the Northwest. With very low staff turnover and marked emphasis on quality, not quantity Renu stands out from the crowd. In fact, Renu Medispa received the only nomination for aesthetics by the Better Business Bureau for their Integrity Counts Award.

Renu has earned their five-star standing in the medispa community and will continue to lead by example for many years to come.

renu_15Hillary Manfredo
Assistant Spa Director

In 2006, Hillary joined Renu Medispa as a talented Make-up Artist and quickly moved up the ranks to become the Assistant Spa Director, given her excellent customer service skills. In addition to her fine make-up artistry, Hillary is certified in each of the laser and skincare treatments available at Renu. Hillary appreciates the cutting edge services Renu offers their clients because she knows that this medispa is always ahead of the game.

In 2000, Hillary moved to Idaho from Los Angeles, and presently resides in Boise. In her spare time, Hillary can be found walking her dogs or snowboarding. She also takes joy in floral arrangement.



JacqueJacque Angelos
Human Resources & Administrative Assistant

After being a client of Renu, Jacque became their front desk superstar in 2011. Jacque takes care of all product orders, new hires and facility maintenance. She respects the top notch skills Tawni Weaver and  the team hold, and she is proud to be working at Renu.

In 1999, Jacque moved to Idaho from Oregon, and she currently lives in Meridian. A self-proclaimed fitness buff, Jacque enjoys all aspects of health and wellness and she likes to go running with her dogs.




SaraSara Hollifield

Medical Esthetician

For nearly five years, Sara has been imparting her skincare wisdom to the clients at Renu as a lead Medical Esthetician. Sara is knowledgeable about the many skincare treatments available and she enjoys the ever evolving technology Tawni continually brings to the Renu to make them a cutting-edge spa.




EndiEndi Fillmore
Medical Assistant & Weight Loss Specialist

Four years ago, Endi decided to call Renu her professional home and she has reaped the benefits of the scrupulous, in-house training and education provided by Tawni Weaver and the staff ever since.  In particular, Endi enjoys the long lasting skin health improvement clients experience at Renu. Endi takes care of exfoliations, Venus Freeze, Ultherapy and the medical weight loss program at Renu.

With a background in Sports Medicine and Food Science Nutrition, Endi understands this industry well. Nearly a native of Idaho, Endi lives in Eagle with her husband and five children. She enjoys attending her children’s volleyball, tennis and softball games.



renu_11Marsha Pepin
Certified Medical Assistant & Licensed Medical Esthetician

Once a former client, Marsha made Renu her professional home more than one year ago. She attends to client facials, peels and exfoliations and enjoys talking with the clients about their skincare regimes. Marsha is honored to work in a facility with such high standards and an impeccable reputation.

Marsha is a graduate of the Oliver Finley Academy of Cosmetology in Boise and she obtained her Certified Medical Assistant license from the University of Alaska in Anchorage.

Five years ago, Marsha moved to Meridian with her husband and two daughters. In her free time, she attends her daughters’ sports practices and games. Her family also enjoys snowboarding and skiing during the winter.


Maggie McLain
Medical Director & Nurse Practitioner

Over the past three years, Maggie has been found assisting clients with any medical treatments at Renu. She handles all laser treatments, Botox and dermal fillers. Maggie is also the dedicated provider for the Metabolic Health and Longevity Center and she assists clients with Metabolic Health treatments at Renu. Maggie really enjoys helping men and women from both the inside and the outside with the impressive medical therapies offered at Renu.

Maggie earned her undergraduate Nursing degree at Seattle University in Seattle, along with her Masters of Nursing at Gonzaga University in Spokane. Maggie also has received local Obesity Basic Medical Treatment training.

A native of Idaho, Maggie currently resides in Boise. She has two daughters and one grandson.  On her days off, Maggie likes to be outside riding bicycles with her family and hiking with her dogs.

renu_13Casey Dahlgren
Front Desk Receptionist

The newest member to join the stellar Renu team is the Casey Dahlgren. With her dedicated customer service skills, Casey demonstrates excellent client care in handling all appointment bookings. Casey is also knowledgeable about each of the products at Renu.  Casey finds the atmosphere at Renu to be as comfortable as it is professional.

Casey is a native of Boise where she currently resides. She holds a B.S. in Psychology from Boise State University and she has a passion for physical therapy and fitness. She also enjoys dog sitting and ceramics in her spare time.