The secret to healthier skin

No, shaving doesn’t cut it. We know you’re a man. But you still need to exfoliate. Regular exfoliation is a critical part of any healthy skin care regimen. Renu has developed a series of custom exfoliation treatments designed to:

  • treat acne-causing pore blockages
  • remove accumulated dead skin cells
  • smooth uneven skin texture.

Exfoliation lets your skin breath

By gently and regularly removing the “dead” outer layer of skin, we promote proper oxygen and nutrient exchange while eliminating trapped toxins that can congest our pores, causing our skin to look dull and aged. Make our skin-refreshing exfoliation treatments a part of your skincare regimen, and enjoy younger-looking, healthier skin! Talk to a Renu Medispa skincare professional today about the exfoliation treatment that is best for you.